Get smart about your recovery

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Our mission

We have one mission - to provide the world with smarter and faster ways to recover from their injuries.

From elite athletes to everyday people, our innovative suite of products are here to help people combat pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate their recovery.

Everyone wants a faster recovery. We provide the smart ways to do it.

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Our technology

All smart devices are FDA 510K Cleared and utilize research-based technology, with clinically documented benefits for musculoskeletal pain relief, healing and recovery.

Industry leading medical providers trust our products for their patients. Top professional athletes trust our products to help them recover and keep them at their peak.

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Our team

Picture of Jim Molinaro, Co-Founder
Jim Molinaro
Co-Founder | Technical Sales & Operations
Picture of Dave Franklin, Head of Strategic Accounts
Dave Franklin
Head of Strategic Accounts | MS, PT, ATC (Ret)
Picture of James Morton, Co-Founder
James Morton
Co-Founder | Commercial Sales & Distribution