Tubeless and wireless portable device prescribed by a physician for use in the home or clinic to help prevent the onset of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) in patients by stimulating blood flow in the extremities.

The FDA 510K Cleared SmartDVT tubeless and wireless portable compression device stimulates blood flow in the extremities by inflating compression bladders in sequence or at the same time (2 treatment modes) every ten-seconds, then deflates the bladders for ten-seconds; before repeating the compression sequence. Optional “heat mode” provides warming of the compression wraps during treatment.

About the SmartDVT

FDA 510K Cleared

The SmartDVT is FDA 510K Cleared #K212169 for at home or in-clinic treatment.

Insurance coverage

The SmartDVT is covered by most workers comp insurances. Billing Code: E0676. Ask your physician or healthcare professional if the SmartDVT is right for your knee, ankle, hip, lumbar or shoulder post-op treatment or for general Circulation Improvement.

Safe and easy operation in-clinic or at home

Quickly reduce your chronic or acute pain and inflammation without prescription pain medication.

Extended treatment times

Up to 6 hours per charge. With heat, up to 3 hours.

What's included

2 SmartDVT units

Patient Quick Start Guide (English and Spanish)

USB 110VAC adaptor with dual USB outlets

Operating and instruction manual